• Screw-on hinges
    Complete range
  • Blind rivets
    The best solution for fixing our products
  • Air vents
    Complete range of air vents with 2-4 and 8 flats 0.4mm thickness
  • Round Hinges
    Available in stock Ř 30mm hinges - Ask for other sizes

Boxboard articles

Lid and Desk Stays : 22 results

Arręt de porte - BA.840

BA.800 et BA.801- Lg 175mm

BA.802 et BA.803 - Lg 200mm

BA.804 et BA.805 - Lg 225mm

BA.806 et BA.807 - Lg 250mm

BA.808 et BA.809 - Lg 275mm

BA.810 et BA.811 - Lg 300mm

BA.820 et BA 821 - Lg 200mm

BA.822 et BA.823 - Lg 250mm

BA.824 et BA.825 - Lg 300mm

BA.826 et BA.827 - Lg 350mm

BA.828 et BA.829 - Lg 400mm

BA.830 et BA.831 - Lg 450mm

BA.850 - Lg 150mm

BA.851 - Lg 220mm

BA.861 - Lg 220mm - A crans

BC.870 - Lg 140mm

BC.871 - Lg 200mm

BC.872 - Lg 250mm

BC.873 - Lg 300mm

BC.880 - Lg 207mm

BC.881 - Lg 252mm
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