• Screw-on hinges
    Complete range
  • Blind rivets
    The best solution for fixing our products
  • Air vents
    Complete range of air vents with 2-4 and 8 flats 0.4mm thickness
  • Round Hinges
    Available in stock Ø 30mm hinges - Ask for other sizes

Toggle latches

Spring Loaded Toggle Latches : 44 results

Grenouillères 30200

Grenouillères GP.2

Grenouillères GP.2-H

Grenouillères GP.8

Grenouillères GP.9

Grenouillères GP.10

Grenouillères GP.12

Grenouillères GP.13

Grenouillères GP.15

Grenouillères GP.16

Grenouillères GP.19

Grenouillères GP.20

Grenouillères GP.22

Grenouillères GP.23

Grenouillères GP.27

Grenouillères GP.28

Grenouillères GP.29

Grenouillères GP.30

Grenouillères GP.31

Grenouillères GP.42

Grenouillères GP.43

Grenouillères GP.47

Grenouillères GP.48

Grenouillères GP.69

Grenouillères GP.75

Grenouillères GP.94

Grenouillères GP.95

Grenouillères GP.538

Grenouillères GP.539

Grenouillères GP.544

Grenouillères GP.1030

Grenouillères GP.1031

Grenouillères GP.1047

Grenouillères GP.1048

Grenouillères GP.1075

Grenouillères GP.1076

Grenouillères GP.2012

Grenouillères GP.2013

Grenouillères GP.2029

Grenouillères GP.2030

Grenouillères GP.2075

Grenouillères GP.2094

Grenouillères GP.3010

Grenouillères GP.3012
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